Taking the inspiration from the shipping container architecture, and the adventurous spirit of urban explorers, Container Hotel Penang are innovatively designed with distinctive rooms that reflect the urban living & lifestyle.

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Uniquely blending the past with the present, the hotel preserves the timeless charm of the architectural heritage of Kwong Wah Yit Poh, the oldest Chinese language newspaper in Malaysia which founded in 1910 by Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat­Sen. This centenary building has prying the streets for the past decades; witnessing the remarkable time in the history of Georgetown that was marked by rich living heritage and cultural distinction.

The idea of Container Hotel Penang is to transform a heritage building into a lifestyle travelodge featured shipping containers and compact modernised rooms, by infusing smart design in the use of space, and functional elements to create a unique lodging experience for the adventurous explorers as they embark on an exciting urban quest.

To foster the arts and heritage preservation in the community, we transformed the corridor into a creative space for the local aspiring artists to display and share their works of art. For that, we strive to make your stay an artful and memorable experience imbued with Penang modern and heritage charm; a dose of cultural fusion which feeds the travel bugs’ curiosity.

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